Thursday, June 18, 2009

In My Memory

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I participate in community theatre (Boogaloo Folk Life Productions), and this year's play (2009) is called "You Can't Live With 'Em", by Betsy Trakas, and you can probably guess from the title that the theme is relationships.

I'm playing Benny, a roofer who was suddenly struck blind some years ago. Subsequently (nine years ago) he lost his wife to cancer. At the time of the play he's happily single, until an old flame of twenty years ago (Jody) shows up and complicates things. This song was inspired by the play (though it's not a part of the play, which is why it's here). It's intended to be sung shortly after the two characters have re-discovered one another. It's intended to be a duet, though my demo has only me singing.

I quite like it.

In My Memory
dfl - May 6, 2009

It feels like another lifetime
When I saw the world through different eyes
When I held her near...and you weren't here
Who knew that things could change so quickly?

Now for the first time in nine years
I feel like I'm sitting in the dark
As I reminisce... as I think back
I didn't even know I was lonely

'Cause in my memory - it was a simpler time
In my memory - people were kind
In my memory - life was sublime
To my memories I go
When I need to leave the world behind

I've spent a lifetime wand'ring
Moving from place to empty place
Changing my name...changing my face
Looking for someone who can love me...

But now I'm here and you're so different,
Would you even like me if you knew
What I've been through... what I've had to do
I don't even know if I like myself

But in my memory - it was a happier time
In my memory - love was divine
In my memory - we had nothing but time
But if my memory is true
Benny, what happened to me and you?

In my memory - we weren't of one mind
In my memory - we weren't always kind
In my memory - I must have been blind
But that was long ago
And I have missed you so
Would you like to go... and make a memory with me?

Note to the RIAA. I wrote this. So piss off.

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