Saturday, October 24, 2009

Before It Began

BeforeItBegan.ogg BeforeItBegan.mp3 (live demo - piano)

A couple of things happened with this one... first, William wrote the lyrics on Mother's Day, 1989, and I'm sure I got them soon after, according to my notebook. At the time I couldn't think of a thing to go with them, and I don't think there's any particular story behind the lyrics themselves.

Then last night this song was just laying on top of the pile of unfinished songs. About the same time I'd gotten an email from Deston saying that she enjoyed Waves and Ways and no one had ever written a song for "a Deston". Knowing full well what she meant, I thought instead about a song for Deston to sing... I mean, what good is a song about Deston for her enjoyment when she's got this really awesome voice she could use for mine? (smile when you read that) And while she has a very powerful soprano, I like it better when she tones it down to a more controlled alto.

So marry that thought train with these lyrics that were sitting in front of me at the time, and I thought there would be nothing better for it than a classic smokey-nightclub torch song... but one that had some nice powerful parts to be belted out along with the sultry parts.

So that was my thought process as I was putting a tune to this. My wife, Lisa, likes it a lot, and has adopted it as "her song", which I don't mind in the slightest... Music is like love: it's worthless if it's not shared. At least I know this song doesn't completely suck. I'm singing on this file... hopefully we can correct that soon.

Before It Began
wmh - Mother's Day, 1989

I wish I had the chance to say I love you again
I wish you weren't content in just being my friend
And if we had it all to do all over again
I'd still just be this human child afraid to pretend

It's safe to say it's over, 'cause I don't know what that means
As I dangle un-animated by my worn-out puppet strings
I really thought we had it, but what is the use
When two people forfeit love and won't acknowledge the truth

(Because) It's over, really over before it began
Destined to become something neither one of us could stand
I remember walking hand in hand
Alone after midnight before it began

I fell in love again just yesterday
Then this morning came and took it all away
Strung out on a high wire for all to see
My heart the famous casualty

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