Wednesday, November 11, 2009


OK, they all can't be winners. This is just an audio doodle, really. One of those things you jot down in a notebook and find years later when randomly flipping through it.

I'll put up an MP3. Later.

dfl - Aug 2003. 2nd verse added 11 Nov 2009

Well, I don't get drunk
I don't carouse
I stay at home
Don't rabble-rouse
And I've never once been tossed out of a bar
I wish I knew why it were so
But I'm a home-boy don't you know
And if it weren't for bein' lazy I'd go far.

Yes, if it weren't for bein' lazy I might find a cure for cancer
If I got up off my butt there'd be no question I couldn't answer.
Yes, the world would be a better place
And multitudes would shout my name
And everyone would know my face
I'd save the world and change the game
And nothing would ever be the same if it weren't for the fact
That I don't care to act.
Yes, I'm lazy to the core
I don't even want to sing this song anymore.

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