Sunday, December 13, 2009


Twenty-two.mp3 (live demo - piano)

I'm watching the Song Fu competition with some interest. A few people said I should compete in such a thing, but honestly I think I may write too slowly to do it. So I'm going to simply try to see if I can do the challenges. It's not really a fair test because I've already seen the sorts of things that other people did for rounds one and two, and I've had two days of looking at both of those challenges plus the last one.

To give myself a better test, I'm going to try to do all three songs by next Saturday, though I'm not necessarily going to do them in the order the challenges were presented.

Here's my take on the second challenge, "Write a song about a number."

dfl - 13 Dec 2009

We don't know each other well
But I've seen you in the hallway
As I check my mail
And I wonder if you're busy Friday night?
We could get to know each other, if that's alright
We could have some coffee, enjoy a talk, and then we'll say goodnight
I'll slip down the hallway to my room, go to bed, turn out the light
In the morning when I get the paper I will smile at you
And I'll say, "Good morning, number twenty-two!"
And you will smile at me
And you'll say, "Good morning, number twenty-three!"


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