Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just In Time

YouTube (guitar - live demo)

All the odd imagery in it makes perfect sense, once explained. I have no intention of explaining it.

The music is vaguely a romantic Latin sort of thing though you might expect more of a children's song from the lyrics, but I felt like Latin today and that what you get. As for the tune, it's been bothering me that it's somehow familiar, but I have wracked my brain and can't figure out how, so I'm just not going to worry about it.

You might be able to tell that I was a little distracted here... noises from the kitchen. But at least the dogs weren't barking.

Just In Time
wmh - 1989

Little one made of stone
Cheeks of cherry wine
Strive to crawl - to reach the wall
But don't forget to climb

Please beware the evil dreams
Of dragons in the mist
For they come to life soon enough
As a race run from the wrist

And there you stand, torch in hand
Justin, friend of mine
Instill in me a memory
I'd left so far behind
And through the years we understand
Things we've tried to justify
So just remember, so is life
And that it sometimes seems unkind
And through the years we understand
Things we've tried to justify
It may happen once - seldom twice
But surely Justin Time

Enjoy each flower, the evening hours
The thrills of wishing wells
The songs of life and company
Of Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell

But fairy tales give way to wedding bells
And friends to sad goodbyes
But fields are filled with dandelions
Each one a new wish just waiting to be tried

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