Saturday, January 9, 2010

Robot Monkey

RobotMonkey.ogg RobotMonkey.mp3 (work in progress - piano)

This is a bit silly, but it invaded my consciousness nearly fully formed in the bath. It was a random thought... "gee it must be difficult to parody a Jonathan Coulton song since they're all pretty much in left field anyway... how about parodying his style instead?" You can see that halfway through that thought I switched from innocent question to a determination to do it. (The devil on my shoulder is such a bully!)

Anyway, I considered some common or memorable components of JoCo's songs and came up with Monkeys, Robots, Loneliness (or Rejection), an occasional bit of the macabre... mad scientist or something. Oh, and talking to inanimate objects. So I thought, maybe if we just chuck them all together with a nice jaunty tune reminiscent of the theme song to The Partridge Family (not that tune, just similar, and I guess my subconscious was thinking TV theme anyway). I came up with this debacle. As it's evolved, it's kind of moved from the 70s back into the 60s. Also, the style is a bit further removed from JoCo than I'd originally intended, so the pastiche may be becoming more of an homage.

I may end up re-recording all of this. Eventually, the flute near the end will be replaced with whistling, but I can't whistle, so I'll have to get someone to do that for me. I also don't have drums, so those are missing for now. But it has given me a chance to play with this new recording software (Reaper).

dfl - 6 Jan 2010

My Robot Monkey has nothing to live for
It's not as though he'll find a cyber-banana
My Robot Monkey is a one of a kind
You'll never find another North of Havana...

I don't know... why I built him
I just don't want to be lonely alone...
[beat. beat. beat. beat]

My Robot Monkey's not the cud-dl-ing kind
He's a little sharp around the edges, you see
My Robot Monkey is a bit of a loner
My Robot Monkey is a little like me

I don't know... why I built him
I just don't want to be lonely alone...
[beat. beat. beat. beat]

Robot Monkey would you like to meet some other robot monkey?
Robot Monkey would you take her home and oil her down?
Robot Monkey I wish you would not dismantle little bits and pieces
Of yourself when I'm not around.....

[Instrumental verse]

Even though... I built him
I still feel lonely alone...

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