Sunday, February 14, 2010

Updated Song Fu Statistics

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In the name of all that's anal retentive, I've compiled statistics for ALL of the Song Fu competitions. I have it in Excel and formats.

I've updated it to include the final round data for Song Fu #6, in which I'm competing. I would like to thank everyone who voted, and especially those who voted for Leigh & Hoover. We finished EVERY round in a VERY respectable 2nd place, with 99, 98, 104, and 252 votes respectively. THANK YOU.

New features: in the Voting Statistics tab you can hover over a cell to see what the song was, and on the Artist Stats page you can hover over a highlighted artist to see which competition he (or she) won. Since Jeff MacDougall and Jason Morris faced off against "uber-masters", I gave them an honorable mention there, too. (Just between you and me, under the new rules, I count them as Masters of Song Fu)

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