Sunday, March 21, 2010

Song Fu Update!

Oh, boy. Between work and Song Fu I've been too busy to post to this or to my other blogs, or YouTube for that matter.

Our third Song Fu entry, "Primordial Soup (Traditional Recipe)" tied for 2nd place in Song Fu #6. (click on the title to listen and download it from With 3 consecutive 2nd place finishes, we made into the final round! I've updated the Song Fu Statistic spreadsheets accordingly.

I can't reveal our final entry yet, but it is, I think, the very best of the four we've done for Song Fu. Actually, it's basically 2 songs, back-to-back. Our challenge was as follows:
Your task is to write a single tune that is actually comprised of two individual songs - the first half details a problem to be conquered or a battle to be fought, and the second half is a victorious, triumphant resolution. Both of these halves must feel independent of the other, but may contain an element that bridges the two. Your song must run no shorter than 3 minutes..
Basically, it was to write two songs in the time we were normally allotted for the writing of one. So my free time has been more than a little lacking this week. I can say more about it after it's been revealed at the listening party.
There will be a Final Challenge Listening Party at 8:30pm EST on Monday, March 22nd HERE. Voting on the Final Challenge will commence immediately after the listening party.
I will keep you updated on the place to vote.

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