Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little House on the Sea

<a href="">Little House on the Sea by Dr. Lindyke</a>

I was looking through old Song Fu challenges for inspiration, and came across this one:
Write a song about the Moon.
Sounded good enough. William Hoover's on vacation at Edisto Island, so I thought I'd go ahead with the lyrics on this one. I think the island setting was on my mind, because the title of this "song about the Moon" turned out to be "Little House on the Sea".

Also it turned out to be not so much a song "about the Moon" as it did a song about living on the Moon, watching the destruction of the Earth from afar. Oh, well.

If you've got scripting enabled, you can click on the player above to play the song from here, or you can click on the picture to go to our page with the lyrics or to download the file in your preferred format, as well as to see the nifty track art I've GIMPed for it. Or, you can just click on the link below.

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