Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Your Day, Mom.

Well, it's Mother's Day, and if I had thought in advance I'd have written a song for the occasion. But I didn't, and the only excuses I have are: a) my mother's dead, and b) every day should be Mother's Day, you ungrateful bastiges.

Nevertheless, last night a tune started going through my head, and some lyrics mystically formed on their own. So, here are PARTIAL lyrics to "Things My Mother Told Me", which I'll record and put up sometime before next Mother's Day.

In the meantime, visit Paul and Storm for a really nice Mother's Day treat. TREAT! MOUSE!

Things My Mother Told Me

There are things my mother told me,
there are things she used to say
That used a special kind of logic they don't teach in schools today
Ancient maternal wisdom that was passed down from her mom...
And her mom... And her mom... and so on...
A special kind of logic that makes sense in a peculiar way
So I listened to the things she used to say.

If you fall and break your leg while you are climbing in that tree...
On your own head be it, don't come running home to me....
If you're run down by a truck, make sure your underwear is clean.
But if you die while playing in the street, I'll kill you.


There will be more, but you don't get it yet.

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