Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mr. Lennon

Here's the second of the two songs I neglected to post this week, the first of which was Piano Crazy Blues.

Mr. Lennon is a tribute to John Lennon, of course. The lyrics were not written by William, but by Kevin Cawthon. Kevin contributed not one, but three songs to me in the late 80's, and I lost contact with him shortly thereafter. So, in a stepped-up effort to get him to contact me, I'm recording and posting them up to the Web.

Mr. Lennon
lyrics by Kevin Cawthon

Tell us Mr. Lennon
Is there any pain
Do I detect a tear
In the falling rain?

Where has all the laughter gone?
It isn't very plain
Is it time to hide my tears
In the falling rain?

We beg you, Mr. Lennon
Give us just a sign
A shadow in the dark
To give us peace of mind

Bittersweet those hard-earned years
And the simple mind games
Strolling down your Penny Lane
In the falling rain

Tell us, Mr. Lennon
How's it been for you
Is life worth the price
The struggle we've been through

Where has all the laughter gone
It isn't very plain
I guess it's time to hide my tears
In the falling rain.

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