Thursday, July 8, 2010

Biography of a Song: Postcards From Picasso

This is in response to a discussion of songwriting started by Edric Haleen on the TMA forums, which is now ongoing at our new artistic "home", Artifiction. I'm simply moving some of what I wrote there onto this blog for safe-keeping.

They don't have to be complicated or deep, For instance:

Biography of a Song: Postcards From Picasso
To hear this song and read the lyrics, click here.

William tells me the inspiration for this one was really simple. Parker Brothers used to publish a game called Masterpiece, where the players bought and sold pieces of art (some of which were forgeries). Among the game equipment, there were postcard-sized replicas of the artwork to be traded. William just picked out a number of the paintings he really liked and wrote the song around the names of the painters.

Since it reminded me of a Spring afternoon in Paris, it became a Musette piece (in 3/4 time to lighten the mood). I got stuck on the bridge (all of the verses had the same meter, and I really didn't want to pick one), but Rhod (Durre, of Gödz Pöödlz) got me over that by suggesting a musical bridge. In the last verse I changed "sidewalks of night" to "city of lights" to strengthen the tie to Paris.

(Here's how I read things into what William writes... you already know everything there is to know about the origin and meaning of the lyrics, but when I read it I imagine an art student spending his days at the Louvre in the company of great art, and by extension, in the company of the artists themselves.)


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