Thursday, July 8, 2010

Edric Haleen's "All For This Moment"

 This is in response to a discussion of songwriting started by Edric Haleen on the TMA forums, which is now ongoing at our new artistic "home", Artifiction. I'm simply moving some of what I wrote there onto this blog for safe-keeping.

 This is a response I posted in the TMA forum to Edric's bio of his song "All For This Moment". Click on the song title to read the lyrics, hear the song, and link to the biography. Edric doesn't have a mechanism for comments on his website, so I'm posting the reply here. 

FYI, "All for This Moment" was written for Song Fu #4, Round 1. The challenge was to write a song from the point of view of an inanimate object.


One of the things I like about reading a Song Bio is learning what was important to the songwriter during the creative process. Edric, I think it's fantastic that you left the chords unresolved, because an engagement is, of course, the beginning of anticipation for the marriage to come. (And of course, marriage itself doesn't resolve anything either... often that weightless sensation we mistake for love just indicates that the ground is approaching fast! (I'm twice divorced, but am I bitter? Nooooo...))

When I first listened to "All For This Moment", what impressed me was what you managed to do with this pig of a challenge. It's very easy to fall into the "I'm a lump and nothing ever happens" mentality and try to squeeze out as many variations on "to be" as are conceivable. One would expect a lot of "I am"s in this kind of challenge coupled with a number of fairly useless adjectives and adverbs.

But YOU managed to pack a lot of action verbs in those lyrics!* "I hear"... "I feel"... "I see"... "And we would SHINE!" An inanimate object, yes, but one that exerts a great deal of influence over the emotions of the humans both in the song and listening to it. To me, that emotional impact makes the whole of the lyrics greater than the sum of the words (that probably makes sense if you're into gematria). Couple that with the fact that the song is eminently listenable and kudos to you! Great job!

* in honesty, I was surprised at the number of people who managed to avoid the "I'm a lump" mentality. Not everybody, but enough to engender hope for the future of the creative spirit.

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