Friday, July 16, 2010

Review of Round 2 Songs That Weren't Written

The SpinTown competition is hosted here: The Round 2 roundup is on this page.

In my review of SpinTunes 1, Round 2 songs, I noted that three of the competitors did not manage to submit a song by the deadline, and were therefore eliminated by the competition. In an effort to be completely fair, and taking advantage of of a freak crack in space and time (amplified with the aid of a common drinking glass held to my ear), I've decided to review the songs that these worthy competitors would have written, had they written entries. 

Ryan Welton - Beat Me Daddy, Nine to the Bar

Ryan Welton brings his smooth jazz stylings to this unique piece performed on electric piano, snare and upright bass. Ryan sounds for all the world like a young Mel Torme as he storms through the syncopated intro and through the 3/4 time verses. Not bad at all; I like Mel a lot. However, when I saw that the chorus was in 9/8 time, I was frankly concerned about how Ryan would pull this off. His solution is as technically brilliant as it is unique... write a song in 6/8, and stutter. Pell mell he melts from the melodious Mel Torme to mellifluous Mel Tillis. It's an eclectic mix, to be sure, but a mix that matches. I think this one's a real keeper, and it's a shame you're not going to hear it. 

Bram Tant - Hulalalalalalalalalalalalala

Controversy over "what is a song" aside, it's arguable that "Kebab Shop" is one of the most successful experiments in alternative styles in SpinTunes history. Bram capitalizes on that success by offering us another Arabic-themed number. Unfortunately, I'm not sure he's left the controversy behind. Without a doubt, the dig at judge Sammy Kablam in the bridge was absolutely inspired (if overly blunt), but even I'm not sure that an the titular ululation qualifies as a "lyric", especially when it composes the entirety of the verses. The repeated refrain of "Jihad!" is effective and meshes well with the previously mentioned bridge. Overall I'd say this song clearly demonstrates why it is the first and only example of 1/32 time I've ever heard. Props to Bram for the concept, but I'm not quite as thrilled with the execution. 

Jon Eric - I Really Am Superman Damn It

While I'd like to review Jon's unwritten entry, I can't. Sadly, Jon was taken from us just hours before he was not to write this submission. Apparently he woke to find that the world had indeed become kryptonite, and that he could not fly. Unfortunately he discovered this as he was beginning his morning commute from the roof of his house. RIP, Jon Eric. May your shade shadow future rounds.

May all of these fine musicians shadow future rounds.

So this completes the Round 2 Roundup. Many thanks to BoffoYuxDudes and Denise Hudson for their help in discerning the lyrics of these nonexistent tunes.

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You know, re-reading this, I kind of want to write that song now.

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