Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Special Day

<a href="http://drlindyke.bandcamp.com/track/a-special-day">A Special Day by Dr. Lindyke</a>
There's not much to say about this one. It was written as a shadow entry for the first SpinTunes competition, round 3. The challenge was as follows:
Happy To Sad In 4 Seconds - Write a sad song about birth, a moment that is normally a happy moment, and make it a real tear jerker. You can't use the words "Happy" or "Birthday". (2 minute minimum)
With a challenge this restrictive, preparing for it consisted mainly of thinking of the saddest things I could about childbirth. Note that the challenge doesn't say childbirth, just "birth", so technically it's possible to fudge in some other kind of birth ("birth of a nation", etc.), but none of those other things are particularly sad.

My inherently optimistic nature responds to such things as birth defects with, "well, at least he's alive," so the saddest possible scenarios (to me) are the death of a parent or the death of the child. Since I have no small bit of experience being a single parent, I decided to go with what I know... single parenthood. So this is a song written from the point of view of the father, addressed to his wife who has just died in childbirth. To make it a little more emotionally difficult, I made the child a girl so that he would be out of his comfort zone. And because the challenge says we couldn't use "Happy Birthday", I deliberately included birthdays without saying those specific words.

It's Country, because Country is made for sad songs.

by Dr. Lindyke

She has angel eyes
You know, the kind that draw you in
Of the deepest ocean blue
And I realize
As I look at her face and her careless grin
She gets those things from you

A year from now

A year from then
A cake of bittersweet
I promise now, I will find a way
To make this day a special day
Just like the way I know you'd want it to be

In the years ahead

There will be things she's going to need to know
I don't know what I'm going to do
I always thought we'd see her
Grow and love and someday wed
I never thought it would be without you

A year from now

A year from then
A cake of bittersweet
I don't know how, but I will find a way
To make this day
A special day
Just like the way
I know you'd want it to be

This day …

A Special Day …
Just like we dreamed it would be.


The Offhand Band said...

Really nice, musically and lyrically. You found one of those great, unique little ways into a story with the concern over how future birthdays will be experienced. Works really well. Kudos, indeed.

Heather said...

Lovely song! The lyric is very effective and focused, taking us from the specific little bittersweet moment of seeing the resemblance of the wife in the baby's face and then forward into his realization that it's only going to continue to be hard, maybe even get harder.

I really love the use of the word "bittersweet" because it sooo fits the situation. How can he not love his beautiful daughter? How can he not feel the terrible pain of losing his wife? And both of those truths are going to fight each other to come out to the front every time he looks at his daughter's face, probably for his whole life. And yet the baby deserves to have a special birthday each year, no matter what, and that is going to be the best way to honor his wife's memory.

The melody works really well for me, also evoking that bittersweetness of the situation, I can feel his heartbreak in it.

Did it make me actually cry? No. But so far none of them really have. I'm not sure if it's because I'm going in to each song KNOWING that it's supposed to be sad, and so I'm examining them from a more "scientific" angle or if I've overprepared myself to not respond. Because usually I AM a crier...

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