Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TechDirt on RIAA Accounting

As a follow-up to their explanation of Hollywood Accounting, TechDirt.com has dished up the dirt on RIAA Accounting: Why Even Major Label Musicians Rarely Make Money From Album Sales. For those who have read Courtney Love's famous rant on the subject, the only surprising thing is that it still goes on today, and it's not illegal. Immoral, yes. Despicable, yes. Illegal, no. Goodie for the RIAA.

Follow the links, read the articles, and never shed another tear for the poor RIAA and their quest to operate in the artists' best interests. As near as I can determine from anyone who's opinion matters, the RIAA do not now, nor have they ever worked in the artists' best interests.

Support independent musicians who use the new model to get their music directly to you without the need for the redundant leeches at the RIAA. Support Creative Commons.

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