Monday, November 8, 2010

Spintunes 2, Round 3: My Judging Criteria

The challenge:
Secondary Historical Figures - For this challenge we want you to write a song about an unknown character from history, and what connection they had to a major historical event (fictionalization is fine). Paul Revere's stableboy, General Custer's wife, Hitler's art teacher, King Richard's blacksmith, etc... (2 minute minimum) 
The thing is, this is a very loose challenge. So long as you've got the major event and you're writing about a minor character, you're in. You'll have to really work to miss the challenge.

Assuming nobody totally misses the bus, I plan to rank the Round 3 entries in the order I personally like them. Nothing more fancy than that. Things that affect my enjoyment... do I have to work at determining who this is? Do I have to guess at the event? I'm not looking necessarily for obviousness... frankly I don't care if it's obvious or not; just throw me some kind of bone in the song.  What I'm looking for is that indefinable "sticks in my head" factor. If other criteria intrude, I'll mention them in the reviews.

As usual, I'm not terribly concerned with production. I wind up smoothing out production issues in my head anyway. If I mention something about production in a review it will be informational, and probably not something that relates to my rating.

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