Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SpinTunes Winner - Mitchell Adam Johnson

I've been a little remiss in not posting the winner of SpinTunes #2, that being Mitchell Adam Johnson, for his song, "In Another Castle" (starring Princess Peach of Super Mario Brothers). Fleshing out Mitchell's sparse SpinTunes bio, we find that he shares a spot in the retro-pop band "Spencer McGillicutty" with fellow contestants Ryan Ruff Smith and Brittany Miller ("Gweebol"). What a talented group! Click through the band name to visit their official website (it will play music when you go there, so be prepared)

Here are all of the songs (and shadow entries) for round 4. (the album art is by Yours Truly.)
If you'd like to see how my rankings differ from the final tally, read or watch my review. (I won't make any secret that my personal favorite here is Zarni DeWet's highly emotive piece, "The Bleeding Effect".)

Congratulations to Mitchell and each and every one of the competitors! Here's looking forward to SpinTunes #3!.

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Spin said...

The talent in that group is amazing. Even though Nicole wasn't officially in the contest, she contributed A LOT as well in various songs.

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