Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dr. Lindyke "Sings" Harvey Ray as William Shatner

Tuesday.... TEEYUUUOOOZDay... marchthetwentysecondtwothousandeleven... is William Shatner's Birthday, and and are holding a "Talk Like William Shatner" contest to celebrate.

You know me, I'm up for a good contest. So here's my entry:

I took one of our original songs and performed it in Bill's distinct style. I chose Harvey Ray because it doesn't get much quirkier than a song made up of TLAs. I pray that he doesn't strike me down with a photon torpedo for what I've done.

I had to skip one of the verses because the total video couldn't exceed three minutes under the rules. I think I've conformed to all of the rules, which are here, in case you want to enter yourself. That link also takes you to some tips on how to talk like William Shatner (although it's more of a "How to Parody William Shatner" thing. He doesn't really talk like that. I sort of split the difference between parody and a straight impression, which may hurt my chances, but do we really want to make fun of the guy on his birthday?

I also chose to sing because... well, because Trek was a long time ago, and Bill Shatner didn't stand still. Why should we?

Songwriting Cycle

Edric Haleen is hosting his second Songwriting Cycle, and Dr. Lindyke have chosen to participate.

This isn't a competition; it's a challenge. Imagine, if you will, that eleven musicians stand in a circle, and each passes a challenge to the person on his right. That pretty much describes the whole concept.

We challenged Bryce Jensen as follows: “Congratulations!  Your band has won an all-expenses paid trip to Afghanistan!  Write a military-themed song to entertain the troops and lift their spirits on your USO TOUR.” In return, our challenge, provided to us by Graham Porter, is to write a song about something or someone being haunted. I'm toying with the idea of performing it on the ukelele.

William is off to the beach this week, so let's hope he comes back with a few really good ideas.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We're on the Periodic Table of Geek Musicians!

OK, so maybe this isn't a big surprise, but we've placed ourselves on the Periodic Table of Geek Musicians.

That's our sister site that assists children with language disorders by promoting independent musicians. Odd as it may sound, by virtue of creating the project, I think we've earned a spot.

For our part, we're offering Dr. Lindyke merchandise for sale on Available now are the Dr. Lindyke mug and hat. All the proceeds go to the Rite Care Centers for Childhood Language Disabilities.

A mad-scientist beaver. It doesn't get better than that

The Doctor is IN!

Here's the full design of the mug. Truth in Advertising. Click to embiggen it.