Sunday, March 20, 2011

Songwriting Cycle

Edric Haleen is hosting his second Songwriting Cycle, and Dr. Lindyke have chosen to participate.

This isn't a competition; it's a challenge. Imagine, if you will, that eleven musicians stand in a circle, and each passes a challenge to the person on his right. That pretty much describes the whole concept.

We challenged Bryce Jensen as follows: “Congratulations!  Your band has won an all-expenses paid trip to Afghanistan!  Write a military-themed song to entertain the troops and lift their spirits on your USO TOUR.” In return, our challenge, provided to us by Graham Porter, is to write a song about something or someone being haunted. I'm toying with the idea of performing it on the ukelele.

William is off to the beach this week, so let's hope he comes back with a few really good ideas.

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