Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We're on the Periodic Table of Geek Musicians!

OK, so maybe this isn't a big surprise, but we've placed ourselves on the Periodic Table of Geek Musicians.

That's our sister site that assists children with language disorders by promoting independent musicians. Odd as it may sound, by virtue of creating the project, I think we've earned a spot.

For our part, we're offering Dr. Lindyke merchandise for sale on CafePress.com/PeriodicGeek. Available now are the Dr. Lindyke mug and hat. All the proceeds go to the Rite Care Centers for Childhood Language Disabilities.

A mad-scientist beaver. It doesn't get better than that

The Doctor is IN!

Here's the full design of the mug. Truth in Advertising. Click to embiggen it.

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