Friday, June 22, 2012

Mayan Holiday

SpinTunes #5 is underway! Dr Lindyke is neither competing nor judging this time, as I'm hampered by other obligations. However, that doesn't mean we can't shadow. (I just can't guarantee that I'll be available throughout the competition, and don't like to make promises I can't keep).

The challenge for round 1 is to "write a song about the last day of work (2 minute minimum)".

Here's Dr Lindyke's take on the subject. We usually keep it as pretty straight songwriting for these competitions, but we've already proven that straight songs can do well, so it's time for some more lighthearted stuff. Since the challenge was somewhat open-ended, we're imagining not just a last day of work, but everyone's.

This one is specifically written to be a "geeky song"... not annoyingly so.  I wanted something that you could listen to casually without thinking, "Hey! novelty song!" but you could still have fun with if you pay attention. Phil Plait (of the "Bad Astronomy" blog) makes a "cameo" specifically as a treat for Jules Sherred.[1]

When I was writing it (on guitar) this sounded a bit like a Jimmy Buffett song. and it could easily go that way, with a nice bossa nova beat. Sadly, though, I haven't played guitar in a while, so I couldn't sustain an entire song with guitar. I did put some (poorly) on this track, but stuck with roadhouse piano. It turned out to be more rock-and-roll than I'd expected. I like it, even though this track is rough. Once the Spintunes round is over and I've got some free time, I'll be doing a more well-produced version, giving it "the full treatment".

Mayan Holiday
I made fun of them, too
Just like you
When they said the end was coming soon
The celestial clock
Ran out of room on the rock
It's as simple as two plus two
Now, I'm a skeptical geek
Not some gullible freak
I've got no room for that New Age woo...
So imagine my surprise
When I looked at the skies
And saw a planetary bullet aimed
Right between my eyes...
Now I'm gonna close shop at a quarter to five
I'm gonna get drunk
Gonna celebrate bein' alive
I'm gonna get crazy, maybe find me a girl
And feel the passion 
Rockin' at the end of the world...
I'm gonna grab me a beer and have me some fun
Until the clock strikes twelve on December twenty-one
I'm gonna party my life away
On a Mayan Holiday
I've got a 401K
Tucked away
I thought that I was really smart
I could've bought me a boat
A house on the beach
Or a Formula racing car
Maybe indulge in a vice
Yeah, that sounds nice
Now that I know there's no consequence
Meanwhile on Channel Nine
The Bad Astronomy guy
Is shrugging at the camera
As Humanity ends...

[repeat chorus]

[1] OK, so it's a virtual cameo. Cut me some slack, willya?

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BoffoYuxDudes said...

Huh. I was searching for an audio cameo From Phil after reading the post. No such luck, however you could always just drop one in after the fact.

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