Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lady By The Water

These lyrics came a little late to get the song in by the Spintunes 5 round 4 deadline. However, the song is written. The orchestration is incomplete.

This is a case of "be careful what you ask for". The judges asked for a song "inspired by" a photo of a footprint in wet sand. Well, "inspired by" leads to a train of thought. Foot print... in sand... wet sand... by the water... what water...? sea...? lake...? Lady of the Lake...? not Nimue... someone we know... Lady by the Water. It is nearly impossible to miss a challenge like this. "Inspired by" is in no sense "about".

Due to some work obligations I probably won't get this recorded before the listening party.

Lady By The Water

I believe
For I have seen
A lady by the water
I can grow
While I know
This lady by the water
I knew her well, but not at all
The lady by the water
Against a field of blue so blue so small
The lady by the water

On her own

But not alone
Surrounded by the water
Over done
The living sun
Shining by the water
In countless ways she loves me
From the yellow house by the water
It doesn't matter how she sees me
While watching from the water

I never said I loved her

Well, not where she could hear
Sometimes I think I ought to
But I'm overcome by fear

[melodic interlude]

I do

I love you
Lady by the water
But our times
Have been so few
Oh, my lady by the water
Will she come and stay with me?
Be my lady by the water
I'd make it up, can't she see?
For all the years I lost her.

Lady -- Lady by the water

There's nothing quite so dear
As my -- Lady by the water
I've begun to lose my fear
Oh my -- Lady by the water
Won't you please hear my plea
Take me -- Take me by the water
Yes, it's there I long to be
With my lady --
By the water -- 

Lyrical Notes

I don't have much to say here. As implied above, it's about someone very specific.

These are pretty much as received, with only two very minor changes: one for meter and one because the line was a little weak, and I wanted it to be more decisive. There's a lot of repetition of the phrase "Lady by the Water", which I'll try to leverage in the music.

Musical Notes

The "sound" I'm hearing here is sort of a cross between Phil Collins and Gordon Lightfoot. It probably won't sound much like that when I'm done with it, but that's my stylistic starting point. 

I can tell you now that this won't be everybody's cup of tea. A lot of sustained notes; a lot of melody. And some mixture of major and minor chords. Most likely I'll be dropping the third (using "power chords") so it's ambiguous, and then I'll do both melodically at various points.

I think this is going to wind up being two pianos in duet. With that and the drums (with a bit more tom than you might expect) a melodic bass line and synth strings, as well as some processed vocals. There are some specific things I want to try out here, so it's perfectly OK if you don't like it.

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JoAnn Abbott said...

The lyrics are lovely, and the potential for it being a really beautiful song is high, I'd like to hear this when you get it done. I always liked Gordon Lightfoot.

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