Sunday, January 20, 2013

SpinTunes 6 Challenge: Ceiling Cat is Watching You Songwrite

Well, it's time for another SpinTunes, and this time Dr Lindyke is a competitor. Unfortunately for us, here's the first challenge:
Ceiling Cat Is Watching You Songwrite - Write a song about a meme.  (2 minute minimum) (your submission is due January 27th 11:59PM (Sun)
There follows a rather lengthy list of dusty, long-in-the-tooth memes to which we are restricted. We must choose from those. The list is here [link]

I say "unfortunately", because the lyrical half of our team, William, is about as Internet-savvy as my cat, and does not follow any of this sort of thing. However, I do (sort of), and I'm not terribly impressed with the list. Not only are they old... they're not terribly interesting to me.

However, there's ONE item on the list that does pique my interest, and that's Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. If you haven't seen this, you absolutely, definitely should. You'll find it here on YouTube: [link] It's worth every second of the hour and 16 minutes you'll spend watching it.

William hasn't seen it, though. So I've sent him the link, and he's watching it. We'll see what comes of that. And if he runs dry, I might have something in reserve. I have to warn you, though, that this will be one of the most saccharin-laden, show-tuney songs ever. Our working title is "Famous Last Words".

My concerns are simple... with limited topics, there's sure to be duplication, and it's almost certain that any duplicates will be far better than ours. So our goal for Round 1 is to get through Round 1.

Maybe there will be enough drop-outs to prevent any out-right eliminations.

(I'm posting my work-in-progress here:

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