Sunday, January 20, 2013

White Water

It's been a couple of months since I've sat down at a piano; so I started preparing for SpinTunes 6 with a little practice.  

Not just practice playing, but practice songwriting. So I pulled some lyrics out of the vault and set them to music. Here's the first of the batch.

[I'll add the bandcamp link when I've got some time] 

This was inspired by a situation where some of the gang got caught out on the rocks at the "rapids", and had to be rescued when the dam was opened and the water started to rise. The rapids is the old mill on the Broad River, now part of Riverbanks Botanical Gardens and Zoological park. Now it s all managed and has fences and you can t go down on the water anymore. Trust people to screw things up in the name of improving them.

White Water

The white water gave me up
And still I wonder why.
Don't those white rocks know
I'd been better left to die?
There must have been a reason
For them wanting me to live,
Or maybe just a second chance
Which white water seldom gives.

I'm going down again
To feel those icy teeth
Oh how long has it been
Since you felt your last defeat?
The waves have taken over.
The rocks have hit me hard.
I only wished I'd told her
How rough they really are.

Rushing in a frenzy
White water never feeds
And it gives another life
Only when it feels the need
It's a little too much power
This force behind the waves,
For if you go down here
You may not breathe for days.

White water's what you fear
And respect is what you pay
White water let me live
So white water you're o.k.
Oh, white water let me live
So white water you're o.k.

Note: I can't say I'm 100% happy with the ending, but I didn't want to change anything.

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