Sunday, February 3, 2013

SpinTunes - Round 1 Results and Round 2 Challenge

I've had to revise this, as Debs and Errol's rankings were mis-reported.

Well, we've gotten through Round 1 in 7th place out of 30. The top 22 are moving on to Round 2, and this challenge:
Song Fight - Write a fight song for your favorite sports TEAM.  It doesn't have to be a professional team.  This should be about the team, not 1 or 2 athletes working together. (1:45 minute minimum) (your submission is due February 10th 11:59PM)
Hoo-boy. I hope William's got something because I don't. The closest thing to a sport that I follow (and then only sometimes) is NASCAR. I suppose you could stretch it to say that the driver and pit crew make it a sports team. But people always root for the driver, really. The only other thing I'd have is my kids' high school team or some farm league baseball team (the Greensboro Grasshoppers). I think I'll wait and defer to his lyrics before thinking about it.

We landed in 11th place, comfortably making into Round 2, though Debs & Errol voted to boot us off the island.

Travis Debs &
Niveous Graham Paul Joe Popular
10th  24th  7th  12th 15th 8th 11th

Hell, we'll take it. In this field, I was thoroughly prepared to pack up my piano and go home.  Overall, I'm impressed with the thought and effort that went into the reviews. Most of the judges seemed to take the task seriously. Previously, I said:
...This is a very short and specific list of memes. In the past we've had judges tell us that if they can't get the full meaning in the song that it's ranked lower in their estimation. I hope these guys do a bit better than that. You simply don't drop a specific list in someone's lap without knowing it inside and out yourself. We'll see.
Those that didn't know a meme could have gone to to clear things up (as Spin suggested we do) or they could have clicked through to the "liner notes" on Bandcamp to remove all doubt. It was a little disappointing if they didn't, but overall the judges did a lot of hard work and research.

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