Sunday, March 3, 2013

SpinTunes Round 3 Results and Round 4 Challenge

We were eliminated in round 3. We did do a fair bit better than I expected, coming in at 6th place in a field of 12 competitors.

Here's the challenge for the remaining competitors:
Mulligan - Write a protest song about the same topic you picked in round 3. (2 minute minimum) (your submission is due March 10th 11:59PM)
 I must admit partial culpability for this, as it's based on a challenge idea called "do-over" that I submitted. The intent of that was to present the same challenge exactly as it was presented before. If they had done that simple, simple thing then they would have gotten four new, interesting songs about other topics that these competitors also feel strongly about. We'd get new angles, new perspectives, new ideas from the same prompt.

But nooooooo... once again they have to open a six-pack of Derp Cola and pass it around before dicking with an already simple, clearly worded challenge to its overwhelming detriment. So now the judges insist that the same old ideas be re-hashed. The result... well, the result remains to be seen, but here's what it looks like from here:
  • Edric Haleen gets to write another protest against bullying.
  • MC Ohm-i gets to write another protest against the prohibition against gay marriage.
  • RC gets to write another protest about the inequality of educational opportunity.
  • Ross Durand gets to write another war protest.

A lot depends on an email sent last round. Spin asked us for a short explanation of our round 3 song. Now we know why. Dr. Lindyke would have been fine this round, as we explained that our official entry, "The Square" was a protest against political complacency, not Communism or oppression in China. On Facebook I said, "Plan A is, frankly, more exciting intellectually, but it's a complicated thought that we're struggling to illustrate." Were we competing in this round, I'd be thanking William for going with that "complicated thought". We could do a dozen songs on that topic and never mention Tiananmen Square again. We'd just paint another illustration.

Somehow I don't think these four guys were so oblique in their explanations. Of the Final Four, I'd surmise that Edric is in the tightest spot. He not only picked a very clearly defined topic, but he hit on every permutation of it in one song. Finding a new angle is going to be tough. RC's song had a very narrow focus as well... but as I stated in my review, I think it could have been more subtle, and this is a chance for him to come up with some lyrics that match the artistry of his music. Ross Durand went with the most oft-used protest topic, and I'm fairly sure he simply describes it as a "war protest", so while another angle as artistic as this last one will be difficult, it should be do-able... he's got plenty of source material.

There are a huge number of ways to illustrate the gay marriage arguments, and a fair number of them are likely to be more compelling than reciting statistics. So, if I had to handicap this race, I'd say MC Ohm-i has the early advantage in terms of opportunity. I've been listening to some of his other stuff, and he has range. I complained about lack of emotion in the last round, so I should explain this: an artist doesn't have to emote... he has to make us emote. It just takes the right words.

Handicapping aside, it's a new round, but for the first time ever all slates are NOT wiped clean. Topics having been assigned, it's anybody's round.

Fortuna vobiscum.


Edric Haleen said...

Oh, Dave...

Usually you see the things that I see so clearly. It surprised me this morning to read that you thought I was "up against it" the hardest. (Don't worry -- we do still love you!)

In MY mind, I'm the most interested to see what RC does, 'cause to my mind, HE'S the one who got screwed over the hardest by the challenge. MC Ohm-I should (I hope!) be fine, Ross (I agree with you) should REALLY be fine...

... and I knew almost IMMEDIATELY what I would do for my second song. (Which is why I very quickly had Travis append "(Part 1)" to the end of my Round Three song.)

I'll grant you -- it does seem somewhat ironical that I still have things to say on the topic after using five minutes and sixteen seconds and 798 words in the last round to express as many thoughts as I did. But "Bullying" is a rich topic. And I do have more to say. And unlike the time when I had to write a rap song immediately after having written a rap song, THIS time, trying to "get away" from what I did in the previous round leads to something that's complementary but still COGENT, rather than something that's simply "wildly different" and "weird" as "Sarah" was.

(And -- having said that? I'm actually kind of surprised that YOU, of all people, don't seem to know where I'm going with "Part 2." You, who have trafficked through my Happiness Board pages more, I suspect, than any other human besides myself...)

(The mini-bio for this song was basically already written quite a while ago...)



Dave Leigh said...

Oh, Edric...

Just because I don't post ALL of my thoughts doesn't mean I don't have them!

Actually, I expected several shifts of perspective among the entries. In your case, I knew you'd come up with something, and I half-expected it to be from the bully's POV, illustrating a perpetuating cycle of bullying. You went with the more difficult approach of showing the effects of bullying in first person. Great job!

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