Friday, January 31, 2014

I Met A Man

This isn't my song to share. It's by JoAnn Abbot, who is a frequent co-competitor in the SpinTunes songwriting competitions. But it's a good story, and I'm happy to be part of it.

First, the song:

I Met A Man
by JoAnn Abbot
featuring performances by Jenny Katz-Brandoli, Dave Leigh, and Joe 'Covenant' Lamb

I met a man and he asked me for water
Though it was obvious I was a daughter of shame
I did not know his name

I met a man and he told me my story
Married five times and now living with one I'd not wed
I hung down my head

Who was this man that so knew me?
How could he see through the lies to my sorrow?
Why did he want to speak to me
I didn't know
I didn't know

I met a man and he offered me water
So I'd never thirst and could then be a daughter of God
A daughter of God

I met a man and he gave his life for me
Now I tell everyone come share his water of life
To stop tears and strife

Who was this man that so knew me?
How could he see through the lies to my sorrow?
Why did he want to speak to me
I didn't know
I didn't know

Who was this man that so knows me?
How can he see through the lies to my sorrows?
Why would he want to speak to me?
I didn't know
He loved me so
I didn't know
He loves me so.

Musical Notes

JoAnn wrote the words and sang them into a microphone, sending me the file. The intent was for me to add accompaniment. It was a little ambiguous in places, so I made some adjustments to the tune, and did accompaniment for that (partially informed by limitations on the chords I can play). The result was something close to, but not quite the same as, the original tune. Feeling a bit of a Celtic vibe to the tune, I asked Joe 'Covenant' Lamb if he'd provide percussion, and he sent me about four tracks of bodhran.

JoAnn had a little trouble relating the accompaniment I produced to the tune she sent me. So I sang a couple of tracks of vocals for reference. As it turns out, my interpretation is apparently un-singable by your average female. So I gave it to Jenny Katz for her input, and she agreed with JoAnn... my tune was in places "too high" and "too low". So she re-interpreted it, and sent it back, with harmony.

Now, the funny thing is, ALL of these vocal tracks actually fit the tune. So I include them all here... every track that was done. I like it that way.

Lyrical Notes

Obviously, when JoAnn publishes a song bio, anything she says there is correct. (update: the bio is published) As for me, I'm really impressed with the lyrics, and I say this as someone who writes to other people's words most of the time. The metaphors of water for life and "daughter of God" for the Church ("daughter of God" = "bride of Christ, son of God") are uncomplicated. Become a bride of Christ and live eternally. Simple message. Well done.


Words and original tune by JoAnn Abbott 
Arrangement by Dave Leigh

Jenny Katz-Brandoli: lead vocals & harmony
Dave Leigh: backing vocals, guitar, synth bass, tambourine, and shaky-egg, audio-mixing
Joe 'Covenant' Lamb: bodhran

Track photo: Everett Leigh

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