Sunday, May 22, 2016


For this Summer's Boogaloo production.

This is just a fun number. The Hospitality Ladies don't have a lot of stage time, so this song was a way to make it memorable. Also, as they actually do get their men later in the play, this is a fun way of telegraphing what those guys are in for.

Here are some very rough vocals as a guideline (just me!)

By Dave Leigh

[Cynthella queues: “Well, Estelle, what kind of man are you looking for?”]

He gonna fix my stairs
He gonna help around the house
He gonna carry and fetch!
He gonna iron my blouse
He gonna open my jars!
He gonna reach the top shelf
And he gonna be a man…
MY kind of man!

“Your turn, girl!”

He gonna have money
He gonna have a few bucks
I don’t care how he gets it
By workin’ or luck
He gonna pay the bills!
He gonna buy me some pearls...
And he gonna be a man…
MY kind of man!

[The music plays, but Pansy “misses her queue”. The other two look at her expectantly… the music keeps playing. They try to pull the verse out of her, but at first she just shakes her head shyly… then they ask a little more forcefully:

“What you want, Pansy?”
“Yeah, c’mon… tell us!”
“Yeah, tell us!”

[the music stops and Pansy starts this verse tenderly, but by the time she gets to the word “lovin’” she’s getting into it. Turns out she’s a little sex machine. By the time it hits the word "happy", it's in full swing again.]

I want a man who’s tender
I want a man who cares
When it comes to lovin’
I want a man who SHARES
He gonna make me HAPPY!!
Be my Jelly Roll
And he gonna be a man
MY kind of man!

[Whoever else is on-stage (the con-men, etc.) get up and become Motown backup singers.]

[CYNTHELLA] He gotta have the money
[PANSY] - - the LOVE!
[CYNTHELLA] To be the man of my dreams   (BACKUP: “Oooo, yeah!”)
[ESTELLA] And thanks to Doctor Hank (PANSY: “THIS RIGHT HERE!”)
[ESTELLA] It’s all comin’ to me!   (BACKUP: “Ooooh, yeah!”)
[PANSY] My Lover Booooooy   (BACKUP:  "Her lover boy!")
[PANSY] Is gonna fall in my lap   (BACKUP: “He won’t know what hit him, he’s a..” finish on the MAN, below))
[TOGETHER] And he’s gonna be a MAN!   (BACKUP: “Mmmm-Hmmmm”)
[TOGETHER] MY kind of man! (BACKUP: “Mmmm-Hmmmm”)
[TOGETHER] And he’s gonna be a MAN! (BACKUP: “Mmmm-Hmmmm”)
[TOGETHER] MY kind of man! (BACKUP: “Oh, Yeah!”)

[Repeat last verse… and TESTIFY!! Somebody pulls out a tambourine.]

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