Sunday, January 29, 2017

A True Democracy

We're fundraising to correct Spintown's color-blindness

For SpinTunes 12, round one, the challenge is:
Party Mix - Write a song from the point of view of someone who just won or lost an election.  It could be a recent election, one from the past, or even a fictional one.  It doesn't even have to be political.  (2 minute minimum length) (your submission is due by Sunday, January 29th 11:59PM)
Well. Who didn't see that coming?

I'm vetoing anything to do with the current US Presidential election because it's over and I'm sick of hearing about it. I'm not above sliding a joke in sideways here and there, though. So while William is off pondering other topics, I'm tossing off a couple of quick shadows just to make sure we're covered and won't get a disqualification for a late entry or lack of entry.

This is the first shadow, and I've already submitted it, so if nothing else we're alive for this round unless we're eliminated.

More notes follow the song itself.


Now, 2016 was a crappy year
I think that we are in agreement here
And though many bit the dust
At least it wasn't us
And we're still putting music in your ear!

I've been elected the new mayor of Spintunes
The votes are counted and there's only one
But it's a vote for me
So I'm probably home-free
And I'll work to make this contest great again!

Hail, hail to Spintunes
All hail to thee
Hail, hail to Spintunes
A true Democracy!

When I take office I will make my mark
But you won't find the changes very stark
'cept you won't have to pander
If you're a Michigander
Like you have to with Spintown as your monarch

I'd like to keep our standards very high
That's why I will appoint Miss Cherry Pi
To ride heard on Orion Sound
And help him hold the cursing down
And keep him occupied if he should try

Hail, hail to Spintunes
All hail to thee
Hail, hail to Spintunes
A true Democracy!

This verse is here to flatter those who judge
I know their reputations have no smudge
But Zarni, Nick, and Joe,
And Teddy oughtta know
The check is in the mail if they should budge.

Hail, hail to Spintunes
All hail to thee
Hail, hail to Spintunes
A true Democracy!

Lyrical Notes

This is just intended to be a light-hearted ditty. There is a germ of truth in it, though. I will be taking over the reigns after this competition, and it was a matter of one "vote"... that of the current showrunner, Travis Langworthy.

The "make this contest great again" line is the sideways joke about the Presidential election. It means precisely nothing beyond that. Oh, and the chorus...? SpinTunes isn't a democracy at all. That's also a joke. I was elected with one vote.

The bit about Michigan likewise has a germ of truth. A few SpinTuners (like Edric Haleen and Heather Zink (the Heather-who-is-blamed) are from there, so this verse is for them.  Apparently Buckeyes (of which Travis is one) and Michiganders have some rivalry going on. I don't get it, but then again, I'm in South Carolina.

The next verse is a bit of blatant name-dropping. I would have done more of that, but the song is just a tad over the minimum 2 minute requirement, and I think that's long enough to drag out a joke. There are well over 40 bands entered in round 1, so I wanted to keep the listening time down to the minimum. The judges will have enough to listen to as it is. So I kept just this one verse.

And, of course, there's absolutely shameless judge-pandering. I expect that such stuff won't win any points, but my purpose in writing something that I expect will be a shadow isn't to win, really. It's to have fun. As I often say, there's a reason it's called "playing" music". And really, this and the other naming of names is another homage... this time of Jenny Katz-Brandoli, when she did the same (only much better) in "Liars, Cheats, and Weasels". Yes, I'm stealing all y'all's schtick. It's what weasels do.

Oh, and at least one person will notice that the rhyme scheme in the second verse doesn't match the others. That's for two reasons... I wrote that verse first, brainstorming, and didn't impose the rhyme scheme until later; and because I don't care that it doesn't match. But that doesn't mean I don't know about it or notice it. In my songs they're my rules and I can break them how I please. But mostly, I'm doing it to mess with Edric's sense of propriety. ;)

Musical Notes

It's a pretty standard bluegrass chord progression using pretty boring chords.


I made this bluegrass instead of country so I could include a banjo  throughout... I'm totally jealous of bands with banjos... though I had to accomplish it with a "robo-banjo", since I can't play the thing at all.

And that's that.

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