Sunday, January 29, 2017

It Happens to Everyone

We're fundraising to correct Spintown's color-blindness

For SpinTunes 12, round one, the challenge is:
Party Mix - Write a song from the point of view of someone who just won or lost an election.  It could be a recent election, one from the past, or even a fictional one.  It doesn't even have to be political.  (2 minute minimum length) (your submission is due by Sunday, January 29th 11:59PM)
Well. Who didn't see that coming?

This is our second shadow for Spintunes 12, round 1. As it's a shadow, we don't care too much about the rules, so the conceit is that we "mis-heard" the challenge.

It Happens To Everyone

One night I settled my aim upon a fine dame 
One look at her frame would light a hot flame 
I told her Dr. Lindyke was my stage name 
She heard of my fame. 
She liked my A-game. 

She invited me into her door... on the second floor 
and I was sure... that I was gonna score, like the corps 
On the shore in the war... and our rapport 
It would be the stuff of lore 
I turned my face to the fore, to the woman I adore 
To pour out my amour, 

but nothing more... 

[trumpet fail...] 

This never happened before... no recollection 
Hopin' to have some time... for introspection 
Tryin' to get in the mood.... for reconnection 
Rekindle my affection... for her complexion 
The sweet confection of - our love connection 
Imagine my dejection at - her interjection 

"Cain't... Cain't get it up!"
"Cain't... Cain't get it up!"
"Cain't... Cain't get it up!"
"Cain't... Cain't get it up!" 

[record scratch (not the good kind). The music stops] 

Spin: "Lindyke, what the hell are you doing?" 
Dr. Lindyke: "I'm doin' the challenge. I'm singing about a lost erection." 
Spin: (laughter) "That's not the challenge. You're supposed to sing about an ELECTION. AN E-LLLECTION." 
Dr. Lindyke: "Oh. Well, that's very different. Nevermind."
Dr. LIndyke: "(It's still about a dick, though)"

Musical Notes

This is rap, but it's a particular sort of story rap. The purpose of the music in this sort of song is to support the lyrics and provide a framework for the cadence. It gives the story a cadence, speed, and flow. But it can't be too complicated, lest it take attention away from the story.

But what we're most looking to do here is to provide a mood. And we have to do it without getting in front of the narrative. So the musical hook (the whistling) is reserved for the parts with no story. In this case the mood is lighthearted, because that signals the audience that this song is an extended joke. And repetition is the order of the day. It is fundamentally inconsequential. There are only two chords, and the music is mostly just twiddling between them on an organ... and that sounds complete wrong; forget I wrote it.

The only thing to alleviate the monotony is the little counter-melody played on the electric piano... and of course, the lyrics.

Oh, yes... the whistling. That's an in-joke. Two, actually.

Lyrical Notes 

Well, we knew what the joke was going to be, right? From that point on, it was simply back-tracking through the narrative to find a story. He has to find the girl, take her home, and heroically display his furled flag, as it were.

There's a tradition of boastfulness in rap, and that helps a lot here. "She heard of my fame", plays that up. They move up to the second floor, and all the -ore rhymes are chosen for military imagery. Folks at attention, guns firing, etc. Y'know... innuendo.

Of course when the time comes, he doesn't. And what follows is all the usual excuses. At this point, a loving partner would simply say comforting words, but not this gal. Her response is to point and jeer.

He chose poorly.

At this point the joke is over, so we exit to the second joke, which is that the challenge was mis-heard. This is an homage to Gilda Radner's character Emily Litella [here's a sample].

And, of course, on the way out there's the third joke. Know your audience.


SpinTown, aka Travis Langworthy, who runs the Spintunes competition, stepped in to play himself. I was happy for that... it makes the joke that much better.

This is his first appearance as a performer in Spintunes.

"Cherry Pi" provided the female vocals, as she has done so often.

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