Monday, January 16, 2017

Let's Thank Spin! In TECHNICOLOR!

Travis Langworthy, aka "SpinTown79", "SpinTown", or just "Spin", has been moderating the SpinTunes competition for many years now. SpinTunes #12 is starting soon (sign up!), and this will be his final year as the head cook and bottle-washer. After this one he'll be turning over the reigns to someone else.

Just so you know, here are some of the things that he has done as coordinator:

  • Gather challenges
  • Recruit Judges (both "permanent" and "guest" judges)
  • Set the rules
  • Moderate disputes
  • Score the rounds
  • Publish the challenges
  • Arrange for cover art
  • Publish the Bandcamp albums
  • Pinch-hit as a judge in the event an official judge can't deliver.

What he doesn't do is write music or play an instrument (though if it were a Minecraft instrument he might, I suppose).

Several of us have put our heads together and come up with what we think is a fitting "thank you" for all the years of hard work and effort. Travis is famously color-blind. In fact, the SpinTunes logo is blue and yellow because those are the colors he can see. So we thought it might be nice to add a little color into the life of someone who added so much color to ours.

There's a company called Enchroma that creates special lenses that can actually reveal real-world colors to people with Travis' condition (which is called deuteranomaly). Here's what happens when people use them for the first time:

The lenses aren't cheap, but there are a lot of us and one of him. I plan to purchase the Hawk style lenses for Travis' moderate deuteranomaly. These will run about about $429. I've seen designer frames go for that much, and they didn't do squat. And I've seen Travis drop more than that on a Kickstarter for a new artist, and he's backed a lot of those. I think this is worth it.

So contribute if you can, and if you can't then please join us in giving Travis a thank you for all of his effort. I've set up a PitchInBox. You should see it below, but if you don't, then feel free to send me a contribution via PayPal and I'll update the box manually. You don't need a PayPal account... just [click this link].

PS: Naturally, Travis knows about this, as I had to ask him to take a vision test to determine the type and extent of his vision. But he's agreed to act suitably surprised and to record his first wearing of the lenses for posterity.

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